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Night in Tel Aviv!

Friday, 13 January, 2012 - 8:47 am

 We arrived in Netanya after an amazing but extremely rainy day in Tzvat. After we ate dinner (the food was a serious improvement from our last hotel), we got ready for our night out in nearby Tel Aviv.

Why was this night different from all other nights? Because the club we went to (called Play), told our Israeli soldiers that they had never seen a party so amazing as ours. The music was a great mix between American house music and authentic Israeli tribal beats (mixed with Avicii, of course). There were a few other Taglit trips to mingle with, many shots were taken (as in, photos), and many new memories were made and then forgotten.

The down side? We only had one night in Tel Aviv and we had to be on the bus by midnight, Cinderella. Oh, and the bartenders who made up drink prices out of thin air, unfortunate for those who found themselves paying 50 shekels for a vodka soda. Unlike at the shuk in Tel Aviv where we went today, liquor prices are nonnegotiable. Pay or don’t play…at Play.

Our 7:15 wake-up call this morning was a pleasant start to the day in Tel Aviv, which was later than usual, lucky for the hungover ones. Anyway, we spent the morning in the city and now we’re off to Jerusalem to celebrate Shabbat and a few bar and bat mitzvahs. Yalla bye!

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