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Day 6 (Shabbat)

Sunday, 15 January, 2012 - 6:54 pm

 Shabbos Menucha!

One of my favorite mitzvah’s of Shabbos is Shabbos Menucha, which simply means Shabbos rest. On Shabbos it is a mitzvah to rest and relax…and this is exactly what our Mayanot group did on Saturday. After some late night parties the previous night for the Bar Mitzvah celebration’s it felt amazing for some growing teenagers to sleep late. But once our day began we were busy learning about this holy holiday. After lunch we attempted to stump the Rabbi and were allowed to ask any and every question that we wanted. We learned about topics such as dating rules for Orthodox Jews and we even got into a heated debate over the Holocaust.

Later in the day we participated in a Jewish Identity project. This entailed sorting Jewish values in order of importance to us including: getting circumcised, having a bar or bat mitzvah, being a Zionist, making Ayllah and more. This spurred deep conversations and differences in opinions especially between the Israeli soldiers and American teenagers. I found myself challenging my own values and respecting others ideas even if I totally disagreed with them. It was also interesting to debate with kids my age issues such as whether it is necessary and important to marry another Jew. After arguing with my parents and grandma my whole life that love was more important than marrying a Jew, I found myself realizing and even advocating for the importance of one to marry a Jew. So I guess it’s true in a Jewish family…the loudest wins. My grandma and mother have definitely subconsciously hypnotized me! The horror!!!

After this activity we participated in a traditional Havadalah ceremony. We sang, swayed, lit the candle and left the oasis in time of Shabbos. At least the Madison students can meet up at Chabad for Friday night services in a few weeks.  Once Shabbos was finished we headed out to Ben Yehuda Street for a unique experience. Instead of shopping we danced in a flash mob in the square. This surprisingly went really well; we grooved to a collection of remixes with Jewish words to songs such as the Black Eyed Pea’s Hit “I Gotta Feelin.” When the dance was over we nonchalantly walked away from the square and pretended that nothing significant just happened. It was an especially cool experience because two other Mayanot groups participated in the flash mob with us.

Finally to finish our day we all split up and went to dinner by Ben Yehuda Street. After expressing my craving for an American Hamburger some of the Israeli soldiers hooked us up with Jerusalem’s best burgers. Since it was 9 pm our stomachs were growling and it was not a hard task to clean our plates…although, I personally never have an issue cleaning my plate! Jewish girls aren’t the salad types…let’s be honest. We then headed back to the bus to get ready for the long day to follow. That’s all for now J

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Michelle Squire wrote...

Thank you for sharing the experience with us at home, and yes I know, Jewish girls are not shy about cleaning their plates!!
Please thank the soldiers for keeping you all safe.