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Day 5

Friday, 13 January, 2012 - 8:49 am

 Today we loaded onto the bus to downtown Tel Aviv to do some exploring and sightseeing. We were able to check out Rabin Square, which has become a major memorial for all of Israel. Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated back in 1995 at the exact place we stood, after promoting peace at a demonstration. We learned that he was offered the chance to wear a bullet-proof vest and he turned down the offer, believing that he would be safe with the Israeli people. His death was a major event in the history of Israel, and his memory will never be forgotten. The memorial of Rabin Square includes the Israeli flag and a plaque about the event, marking the place he stood for all to see. From there, our group ventured to Nachalat Binyamin and the Carmel market for a little shopping and eating. Earlier in the day, we had received one name of someone else on our Mayanot 389 trip, whether it was one of us, a soldier, or staff member. In honor of Shabbat and being together, we were in charge of buying a gift of some sort for around ten shekels for the person whose name we pulled. The plan is to exchange the gifts tonight at the Kotel, or Western Wall in Jerusalem. We loved walking through the area, getting to know the Tel Aviv streets and venues. Many merchants stood under canopies at the market, selling anything from little souvenirs to fish, challah, pomegranates and other types of Israeli food. Although some of us tried to bargain for prices, most of the time the merchants would not budge. It was totally worth it though, and a good way to expand our tastes in food and to try new things. We had a wonderful time searching for the gifts we will be exchanging tonight, all while trying to be as creative as possible. After we finished shopping at the market, we boarded the bus together and began our journey to the holy city of Jerusalem.   

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Janet Levings wrote...

We are so happy for our Jacob that he is on this trip. That he is with such loving people, and walking and learning in such a spiritual place, is a tremendous gift. Thank you for sharing this trip with us. We can not wait to meet him upon his return, and hear about his travels, and how it has changed him.

Janet, Don, Danielle and Nick Levings