Honey and Apples SHOFAR Across Campus! 


Come hear Shofar on Sunday, Sep 20 all around campus!

3:30pm Union South on Henry Mall.

3:45pm Sellery Hall towards Gordon Commons.

4:00pm Witte Hall in the parking lot. 

5:10 Outside Sammy on Langdon St

5:20 Outside SDT and the Waterfront on Henry St

5:30 Outside AEPhi on Lakelawn

5:40 Outside ZBT on Langdon St

5:50 Outside Statesider/Towers on Francis St

6:00 SHOFAR AT THE LAKE includes Tashlich lakeside short service (outside alumni center on Lake St) 

6:20 On Library Mall

6:30 Outside the HUB on Francis St

6:40 Outside 613 Francis St

6:50 Last chance outside UW Chabad