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Chabad Student Board Applications

Chabad Student Board Applications


Do you love Chabad?

Does Chabad feel like your home away from home on campus?

Would you love to get involved, and help shape Chabad into the future as an even greater and better community?

If you answered yes to the above, please apply to join the

Leadership Board of the Chabad Jewish Student Association

I would like to apply to be a part of the Leadership Board of the Chabad Jewish Student Association.

Please fill out the application below:


Complete Campus Mailing Address:

Complete Permanent Mailing Address:

Email you would like to be contacted at for all board related matters:


Student Status:

Graduating Year:

Major (if none, write undecided)

What does being Jewish mean to you?  

What does having Chabad on campus mean to you?  

What do you think you would add to the Chabad leadership board? 

What is one program or idea that you would like to implement at Chabad?  

Please check the following as they apply:

 I will attend bi-weekly meetings 

 I will attend shabbat at Chabad a minimum of once per month 

 I will speak once per semester at a Shabbat dinner 

 I will assist Chabad at the student org fair for at least 1 one hour shift

 I will  contribute to the planning process of Chabad events, including social and educational programming. This may include requesting ASM for grant funding. 

 I will promote and recruit my Jewish friends to Chabad whenever possible and represent the organization well